Animals of Guyana

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Posted March 2006
This album contains photos of mammals, reptiles and also the arapaima fish of Guyana. These photos were obtained from various sources and most were sent to GNI by various readers. GNI thanks all those persons who supplied these photos. GNI also acknowledges all other published sources from which some of these images might have been obtained. Page 1 of 2

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Aagouti Agouti -Acuri Boa Constrictor Bottlenose Dolphin Bush Dog
Arapaima Bottlenose Dolphin Cattle Salipenta Dairy Cows
Black Panther Bush Dog Bush Dog Capuchin Monkey Coati
Bushmaster Snake Caiman Camoudi-Anaconda Capuchin Monkey Ccapybara
Capybara & Cranes Capybara-Group Coati Coral Snake Deer
Domestic Dogs Donkey Manatee Howler Monkey Howler Monkeys
Domestic Cat Donkey Frog Gecko Giant Anteater
Giant Anteater Giant Otter Giant-Otter Green Turtle Green Turtle
Tiger Cat Golden Frog Jaguarundi Raccoon Ocelot
Grison Grison Anteater Hawksbill Turtle Hawksbill-Nesting
Himeralli-Coral Snake Horse House Bat Howler Monkey Howler Monkey
Tiger Cat Oncilla Red Howler Monkey Saki Monkey Sloth Sloth
Tortoise Iguana Jaguar Labba Kinkajou
Kinkajou Kinkajou-Baby Kinkajou Labaria Snake Labba - Paca
Black Spider Monkey Iguana Squirrel Monkeys Water Buffalo Golden Hand Tamarin