The signing of the Condolence Book
on the death of Agriculture Minister Satyadeow Sawh

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Posted April 30th. 2006 - (The photo credits: Guyana Embassy, Caracas)

These pictures were submitted by Ambassador Dr. Odeen Ishmael. They were taken at the Embassy of the Republic of Guyana, in Caracas,Venezuela. Sash Sawh served as Ambassador in Caracas from 1993 to 1996.

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Ambassador, Czech Republic Ambassador, Algeria Ambassador, Belgium Ambassador, Barbados
Ambassador, Grenada Ambassador, Greece Ambassador, Japan Ambassador, Korea
Ambassador, Nigeria Ambassador, Trinidad & Tobago Colombia - Charge d'Affaires Dominican Republic - Charge d'Affaires
Ecuador - Charge d'Affaires Mrs. Evangeline Ishmael Mrs. Jennifer Tiwari, Guyana Mrs. Pestano
Odeen Ishmael Papal Nuncio - Ambassador, Vatican SELA representative Protocol Chief, Venezuela -  Protocol Chief, Venezuela Foreign Ministry
Suriname Charge d'Affaires     Spain - Charge d'Affaires