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This site has been designated by the Government of Guyana as the official Internet home of the National Development Strategy. It contains the official National Development Strategy documents in their entirety, with the addition of convenient links in order to make browsing easier. Read the Welcome Address from the Minister of Finance and also the brief introduction to the NDS.

A Summary of the NDS

Volume 1: A Synthesis of the Strategy
Presents the overall objectives of the NDS and includes summaries of the technical chapters.
Volume 2: The Macroeconomic Strategy
Deals in-depth with macro-economic policy. Looks at issues such as taxation, reform of the public sector and banking policy.
Volume 3: The Social Sectors
Includes forward looking policies for the social sector. It considers important areas such as poverty, the environment, gender and Amerindian issues.
Volume 4: The Productive Sectors
Contains chapters on the productive sectors. It examines issues such as rice development, forest management, the role of the private sector and tourism.
Volume 5: The Infrastructure Sectors
Examines the infrastructure sectors and deals with areas such as the energy sector and transport development.
Volume 6: Investment Programme and Legislative Requirements
Contains recommendations for legislative changes and a programme of public investments.

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